MONET (Matrix Ordering algorithm for minimum NET-cuts) is a software which orders a unsymmetric into (single) bordered block diagonal matrix of the form

A_{11} & & & &S_1\\
& A_{22}& ...
...& &\ddots& &\vdots\\
& & & A_{NN}&S_N\\
\end{displaymath} (1)

where the $A_{ii}$ are $m_i\times n_i$ matrices, in general rectangular with $m_i \ge n_i$.

This reordering have a number of applications. One of these is in the parallel solution of general unsymmetric linear systems, through the factorization of the diagonal blocks in parallel.

Algorithmic Details

You can find a short description of the algorithm used in MONET here, or you may want to get the paper.

Down Load

MONET is available for a number of platforms. Your will need a Fortran90 compiler. MONET is distributed as a UNIX gziped tar file. After downloading MONET, you need to uncompress and untar it. This is achieved by executing the following command:

gunzip monet_1.0_XXX.tar.gz

tar -xvf monet_1.0_XXX.tar

This will create a MONET directory. There is a README file and a postscript document in the doc directory. Here are the gzipped tar files:

Platform compiler compiler flags
ALPHA DIGITAL Fortran 90 V5.2-705 -O5
SGI/IRIX 6.5 MIPSpro Compilers: Version -O3 -n32
PentiumII/LINUX RedHat 6.0 Absoft F90 compiler 1.01 -O
IBM/AIX XL Fortran compiler -O
SUN SunOS 5.7 WorkShop F90 compiler 2.0 -O