The Data Science group at Yahoo Research is looking for outstanding PhD intern research scientists for the Summer 2017. We are looking for candidates with a strong research record and implementation skills in areas such as data mining, applied machine learning and visualization. The candidates will have the opportunity to work with web-scale data to research and to solve real world problems.

The Yahoo Internship Program is all about creating a positive experience for students. It is a chance for them to showcase their talents, develop new skills, and to get a sense for what's really like to work in a leading industrial research institution and to be at Yahoo.

The internships will be based in New York City, in the former New York Times building near Time Square! Late year PhD students studying in the US preferred.


  • Currently enrolled in PhD program with focus on data mining, applied machine learning and visualization or related field.
  • Strong algorithmic problem solving skills, and the ability to implement solutions in Java, Scala, Python etc. Please send your CV to Please email yifanhu at