Two Winning Entries for the 15th Annual Graph Drawing Contest

Here are drawings of two graphs that win the first prizes in two of the five categories in the 15th Annual Graph Drawing Contest , at the 16th International Symposium on Graph Drawing, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, Sept 21-24, 2008. The drawings are created by Yifan Hu and Emden Gansner.

Mystery Graph: "The mystery graph has 71 nodes and 145 directed and labelled edges, and represents a series of social or cultural events that got a fair amount of news coverage this year. The task is to determine which events are represented by this graph, and to create the best drawing that depicts the logical structure of this graph." (This "Mystery Graph" is of course a graph describing the routes of the past Olympic torch relays).

Network from Social Sciences: This graph represents the relationships between companies and top managers and union officers in Germany. It consists of 129 nodes and 271 edges. The task is to produce the best visualization of this network while including as much information as possible. Static drawings, animations or entire tools to explore the graph are accepted as submissions.

comonent 1

The "Mystery" Graph. Click here for a PDF file.
comonent 1

Network from Social Sciences. Click here for a PDF file.