Dr. Yifan Hu (胡一凡)
Yahoo Research
New York, New York
I lead the Data Science Research team in Yahoo Research working on natural language process, machine learning and visualization. Before joining Yahoo I was a member of the Information Visualization department at AT&T Labs -- Research, working on graph and text visualization, machine learning and numerical algorithms. From 2001 to 2007, I worked at Wolfram Research, developing numerical and graph theoritical software. Prior to April 2001, I worked in the Computational Science and Engineering Department at Daresbury Laboratory, conducting research in algorithms for high performance computing. For further chronological details, see here.


Embeddings of the BERT tokens
What's in a name? Gender Classification of Names with Character Based ML Models

There is More to Streamgraphs than Movies (demo)
Coloring edges/countries to disambiguate graph and map drawings

Real time, topical clustering and visualization of the Twitter stream (the website went down with my move from AT&T, so paper only unfortunately).
A Maxent-Stress Model for Graph Layout
Visualizing the tree of life
A Gallery of Large Graphs featured by: IEEE Spectrum
Bundling edges fast with the agglomerative multilevel bundling algorithm .

Visualizing dynamic info with Trend Map

new The landscape of Music, Movie, TV, Books and the Internet

new Visualizing Relations and Structures as Maps: GMap

new Visualizing the Mathematics Genealogy Trees.